Brazil talisman Neymar to miss World Cup (according to psychic)


The fortune teller also reveals 2018 World Cup winner

As Brazil talisman Neymar continues to nurse a foot injury, bad news surfaced in his homeland. Superstitious Brazil football fans are worrying that the PSG forward will miss the World Cup. The warnings were there for everyone to see even back to last year.

Famous fortune teller Carlinhos Vidente predicted back in December that Neymar will miss the World Cup in June. Vidente, who has his own TV show in South America foretold that Neymar will be ruled out for five to seven months by a fitness issue.

โ€œNeymar will not be able to participate at the World Cup due to injury”,ย Vidente said.ย ย 

“He will be laid low for between five and seven months, but Brazil will still finish third or fourth in the tournament.โ€

Although, the prognosis for Neymar’s metatarsal injury is that he will return to action before the World Cup, football fans are expecting the worst. The psychic’s history shows that numerous times he was right in his predictions. Back in 2014, he had said that Brazil would lose in the semi-finals of the World Cup against Germany. Eventually they went out with an infamous 7-1 defeat. Now, Vidente said that Germany will once again win the World Cup in Russia. On the other hand, Brazil will lose again in the semi-finals.




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