Barcelona transfer ‘pressuring’ Griezmann

Barcelona transfer 'pressuring' Griezmann

Barcelona transfer ‘pressuring’ Griezmann before European Final

The French striker, one of Atleticoโ€™s key players, has been said to make a move to the Nou Camp by the end of the season. The possibleย transferย is worrying Atletico Madrid as Barcelona continues to pressure Griezmann.

Spanish media are stating that Barcelona are willing to pay the release clause of a 100 million euro to acquire the Frenchman. President Josep Maria Bartomeu admitted that he had discussions with the Atletico playerโ€™s agent last October.

Atletico CEO Miguel Angel Gil Marin said in a furious statement that โ€œweโ€™re fed up with Barcelonaโ€™s attitude.โ€

Further adding โ€œ(Speaking) about the future of a player with a current contract just a few days before disputing a European final is an absolute lack of respect towards Atletico Madrid and their fans.โ€

Barcelona transfer 'pressuring' Griezmann
Barcelona transfer ‘pressuring’ Griezmann

Marin is afraid that this could pressure not only Griezmann but the rest of his team before playing in the final in Lyon, stating that, โ€œBarcelona have been continuously pressuring one of the most important players in our squad.โ€

If Barcelona manages to sign the 27-year-old, it will greatly strengthen their attacking side making them more dangerous next season. Especially if Neymar’s move to the Nou Camp actually takes place.

However, if Barcelona manager Ernesto Valverde truly believes he will be a key player for them, he should act soon before the relationship between the two clubs deteriorates even further.

Suarez said that the Frenchman will surely be โ€œwelcomeโ€ at Barcelona, hinting the fact as if the deal has already been done. We will simply have to wait until July 1st, the day when the clause will be activated, to see whether or not Barcelona are actually willing to pay or possibly bargain the price down.

Either way, Griezmann made it clear that he wants his future sorted before competing in the World Cup this year.

The Europa League finalists, who are currently second in the league, will face Marseille on May 16.


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