Arsene Wenger wants to manage again

Arsene Wenger

It’s not the end of Arsene Wenger

Last week, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger announced that he will be leaving Arsenal earlier than planned. “The timing was not really my decision,” Wenger explained. Fans have been campaigning for his exit, and the disunity from fans has been harming the club’s image. Reluctantly, Arsene Wenger decided it was time to go. The 69-year-old will leave Arsenal at the end of the season, despite having a year left on his contract.

“When some people are unhappy it is not always a majority, but they get the attention and they look like a majority,” he said. “I think people are intelligent and can make the difference between moments of unhappiness and global satisfaction for what I brought to the club. People will realise that to qualify for the Champions League for 20 consecutive years is not as easy it looks.”

Arsene Wenger

While he is sad about the situation, it is evident that there is a window of opportunity opening for Arsene Wenger. The current Arsenal manager has admitted that he hopes to sign with another top European club following his departure from Arsenal.

“I hope these are not my last European cup games – my target is to play in Europe again,” Wenger said. He remains motivated to coach at the elite level.

When asked about other clubs contacting him he said; “At the moment, I’m not ready to commit to anything else but Arsenal.” However, he has clearly emphasised that it is not the end for him.

“You live always in extreme situations. When I started at 33, I thought I would never survive in this job, but you learn to dominate your emotions. You are never sure if you do the right thing. It will be surreal when I don’t work. At the moment I work.”

There has been speculation on whether he will take some time off, similar to Pep Guardiola and his 365-day leave of absence. However, when asked about it Wegner frowned and replied; “it’s long – 365 days.” Wenger is clearly not ready to put his coaching days behind him. Amidst all the sadness, Arsene Wenger still spoke positively about the succession.

“At my age, you understand the world continues and you wish that it continues better. This team has quality. Two years ago, we finished second [in the Premier League]. Last year, we had 75 points and won the FA Cup and Charity Shield. We reached the ­final of the League Cup and a European semi-final. – They need to make the right decision, even if you have to be bold.”

“Is there a perfect goodbye? I don’t know. I just want to do as well as I can,” Wenger said.


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