All that’s left is one signature

Anthony Joshua has long been chasing Deontay Wilder for a mega-fight. The undefeated champion has repeatedly insulted Joshua on social media, and now he will finally be able to show what he’s really made of (once gets Wilder to sign) and how he’s going about it is somewhat unorthodox.

”We’re going to do is all the terms that were agreed by Deontay Wilder have now been put into the contract,” Hearn said to ”I think what we’re going to do, we’re going to sign the contract. Anthony Joshua says let’s sign the contract and put it in front of them, rather than them thinking that we’re bluffing for some bizarre reason, or we don’t want the fight,” Hearn said.

Hearn hopes the Alabama brawler will agree to the fight once he sees AJ’s signature.

“I think at the moment he’s [Wilder] throwing his toys out of the pram, and eventually we hope he’ll come to his senses.

“I spoke to Anthony yesterday and I think what we’re going to do is all the terms that were agreed by Deontay Wilder have now been put into the contract. However, Deontay has the strap in his possession – so if Joshua wants a chance to contend for the WBC belt, then he’s going to need to lean on Hearn to get him to change the contract offer from what appears to be an 85-15 split to a 50-50 split.

Deontay isn’t going to agree to an 85-15 split of the pot. Hearn can grandstand all he wants but it’s not going to help him get a unification fight for Joshua against Wilder. To get that fight, Hearn is going to need to give Wilder a fair deal of 50-50 and stop pretending that it means something that Joshua holds more titles than ‘The Bronze Bomber.’

AnthonyJoshuaThe only title that counts is Deontay’s WBC belts, and Joshua is the one that is hoping to get a chance to fight for that belt. Until Joshua has the WBC belt in his possession, he’s just holding straps of less value in my view.

Nonetheless,  the WBC belt is the one that counts in the big scheme of things.

“You’ve agreed to these terms, we’ve now even signed the contract, so fingers crossed, April 13 at Wembley will be Joshua against Wilder,” Hearn said.


While the wait to fight Wilder goes on, Joshua has some other fights to look forward to.

It was recently announced that Joshua will have two fights at Wembley Stadium, which will be held on September 22 and April 19.



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