Gasly praises Honda update

Pierre Gasly has credited his upgraded Honda engine for his 11th placed finish. The Honda upgrade gave him a solid charge through the field with an upgrade which was worth about three tenths a lap.

Asked by Autosport if he would have finished higher with the old engine, Gasly replied: โ€œNo, we wouldโ€™ve finished, looking at the race, behind [Sergio] Perez I think, so wouldโ€™ve been 14th.Gasly was full of praise for Honda, he said โ€œIt was the right choice [to change it], because with the other one [it] wouldโ€™ve been not possible to come back even from P16.

From the internal combustion engine to its hybrid elements, Gasly said the new unit was simply better overall compared to its previous specification.

“Everything. Just more performance in general,” he said.

“In terms of battery as well, in terms of energy management is better. Itโ€™s a really good step.

“They told us โ€˜We are working for an upgrade, which will be a decent upgrade, something that will make a real differenceโ€™.

“And clearly on the data we can see that itโ€™s a really good step forward.”

The data harvested by Toro Rosso over the Canadian Grand Prix weekend will make for an interesting reading for Red Bull, given their plan to make a decision on their 2019 engine choice around the time of the Austrian Grand Prix at the end of June.


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