Mental coach admits Bonucci hit rock bottom


Bonucci shown red card in Milan’s draw against Genoa

One of Leonardo Bonucci’s most influential persons, Alberto Ferrarini has admitted that the centre-back has hit rock bottom. This comes after on Sunday, the defender received marching orders for elbowing Rosi. But despite this, Bonucci’s mental coach Ferrarini insisted that “he’s [Bonucci] hungry about coming back stronger.”  

Ferrarini continued to encourage Bonucci to live up to his hashtag signature #hungrierthanever.

“I defined Bonucci as soldier. First of all, he belonged to Conte and Juventus,” Ferrarini told Radio 24.

“Bonucci’s a player that wasn’t born as a champion but became one through hard work.”

New chapter

The mental coach explained that the red card must be the time for Bonucci to recover from the disappointing start. In fact, he said that this should be a new chapter for the Italian international.

“With his red card yesterday, he hit bottom, but now I’m convinced that there’ll be a rebirth, as if one chapter was closed to open another. He’s hungry about coming back stronger than before.”

Also, Ferrarini said that Bonucci must adapt to his new role as captain. With Juventus, Bonucci concentrated on himself only. But now, he’s got the responsibility of the whole team.

“Milan signed one of the best centre-backs in the world, but at Juventus he was focused on himself and not on others, and he must go back to this at Milan.

“Bonucci must be Bonucci. He can give immense value to Milan but only through hard work and training.”

Ferrarini ended the interview by signalling the negative effects of too much attention received during the transfer saga.

Leonardo’s very clever and he knows he’s hit bottom: now he’ll come back stronger than before.

“We’ll go ahead with our work on him. All the attention he received from his move to Milan was beautiful, but it didn’t do him any good…”


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