Former colleague launches scathing attack on Guardiola

former colleague

Guardiola branded ‘weak’ and ‘fearful’

Many would agree that Pep Guardiola is currently the best manager in the world. The way he has transformed Manchester City in a winning machine is extraordinary. But not everyone views the Catalan in the same manner. One of those is former colleague at Bayern Munich Hans-Wilhelm Muller-Wohlfahrt. The German doctor returned back to Bayern Munich last November after the re-appointment of Jupp Heynckes. Previously he had spent 48 years at Bayern Munich until arguments with Guardiola forced him to resign.

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A history of feuds

As he prepares to launch his auto-biography, Muller-Wohlfahrt describes Guardiola as ‘someone with weak self-confidence’ who ‘lives in fear of losing authority’. This week Bild released some excerpts from the new book. Among the episodes he narrates, he mentions the moment the pair quarreled over the treatment of Thiago Alcantara. In the end, Guardiola sent his player to another doctor Ramon Cugat. Another episode was when the now Manchester City manager clapped sarcastically to Muller-Wohlfahrt after Benatia picked up an injury in a Bundesliga match. The breaking point was when the medical department were pinpointed as the culpable for Bayern’s Champions League defeat against Porto. That moment was the trigger for the doctor’s resignation.

“Guardiola didn’t have any trust in me and my team,” wrote Muller-Wohlfahrt.

“On the one hand, he showed no interest in medical questions, and on the other hand, he demanded miracles from us.

“On just the third time we met, Guardiola came up to me and started ranting in an accusatory and aggressive tone.

“He said: ‘What is going on here? I thought I was coming to one of the best medical departments in the world and we have two long-term injuries!”

Furthermore, Muller-Wohlfahrt points his fingers at Guardiola for the amount of injuries the club sustained under his tenure. He adds:

“In his first season, we had many more muscular injuries than before. He thought he knew better on everything. He would do a five-minute warm-up, and think it was fine. It was never going to go well.”

Besides that, the German medical guru describes one particular argument which saw Guardiola slam his fist down on the table:

“For the first time in my life, I raised my voice. I couldn’t believe that someone who had been alive for less time than I had been in the job wasn’t listening to me.”

“Guardiola is someone with weak self-confidence”

In his conclusion about Guardiola, Muller-Wohlfahrt states:

“I think Guardiola is someone with weak self-confidence, who will do anything to disguise that from people. That’s why he seems to live in constant fear, not so much of defeat, but of losing power or authority.”


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