VIDEO: Liverpool legend filmed spitting at 14-year-old girl after Liverpool defeat

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The episode happened two miles away from Old Trafford after the match

After witnessing his beloved Liverpool losing 2-1 to worst enemies Manchester United as a Sky Sport pundit, Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher got involved in a spit storm. A Manchester United fan taunted Carragher about the result as both were driving away from Old Trafford. But the latter took it in the worst manner and reacted by spitting at the fan and his 14-year-old daughter.

How it unfolded

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, the father and United fan said that he took his phone out and started filming. In the same video, both Carragher and the fan waved at each other. Additionally, the fan claimed:

“I said, ‘Hey Jamie, good result, 2-1’ and he sort of looked at me and I said, ‘2-1, ha ha’ and his face just changed. I could just see him lurch towards his window and spit.

“I was stunned. I had not insulted him. I had not sworn at him. I have not got out and banged on his car. I have not done anything abusive to him, I’ve not stuck two fingers up at him.

“I’ve met footballers before and they have always been very accommodating. I thought, ‘Jamie Carragher, he is going to be up for a laugh.’ So when he did spit I was taken aback.

“Then I looked at my daughter and she was tearing up. I said did he hit you and she said, ‘He hit me in the face.’

“For a grown man to do that to a girl who had not done anything. She was sat in a passenger seat while her dad was trying to have a bit of harmless banter.

“There is no two ways about it. He saw her.”

The United fan continues to say that later, Carragher pulled up on the driver’s side and gave him a thumbs up.

“I was angry and upset because my daughter was crying. I could not believe what had happened”, the father said.

“She was crying. She said, ‘I’m ­embarrassed, he has just spat in my face. I don’t want to talk about it.”

The view from Jamie Carragher

Later on it was revealed that Carragher phoned the father and his daughter to apologize for the whole episode. Moreover, the 40-year-old confessed that his actions were wrong but he ended up losing his head after the taunting went too far. The former defender said:

“It was a bit more than, ‘Hiya Jamie, it was 2-1’. It went on for two or three times. I drove away at first and it just continued. I lost my head and I shouldn’t have done it. But I was thinking what is a grown man doing, carrying on like that two or three times with his daughter in the car?”

In the end the family thanked Carragher for phoning and apologizing. Furthermore, a Sky Sports spokesperson said that they will address the issue with their employee as they labelled his actions “unacceptable” 

Watch the video below (credits: Daily Mirror):


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