From AC Milan to the Italian senate

italian senate

Mr.Milan elected to the Italian senate after long career in football

Life after football could be hard sometimes. Replacing the time you used to dedicate to football is difficult. Nonetheless, former AC Milan CEO Adriano Galliani managed to replace his football commitment with success. In fact, Galliani took the big step to turn to politics. His gamble paid off as people elected him during this month’s elections.

Galliani spent 31 years at the helm of AC Milan. Last year, following the Chinese takeover, he decided that it was time to change environment. Soon, his former boss Silvio Berlusconi approached him to join the Forza Italia party for the elections. Now that the elections are over, voting results showed that Galliani will form part of the Italian senate.

Sharing his thoughts about his career in politics, the new senator admitted that he is yet to get used to his new title.

“I went to Arcore and Berlusconi greeted me with a ‘good morning senator’ and I turned to see who he was addressing…”, Galliani said.

“The election was a complex day, but I’m pleased to have won. In Parliament I will follow party protocol, but I want to take care of the area that elected me – the provinces of Varese, Como, Lecco, Sondrio and 35 municipalities of the Bergamo area.”

Later on, the former Milan director revealed that it was Berlusconi who pressed him to turn to politics. It wasn’t an easy decision nor it was an easy task. He concluded:

“I have always lived in a privileged world and, for the first time, I have witnessed the problems suffered by different communities for myself. Hoenstly, I did not sleep. I have never been involved in politics before, but Berlusconi wanted me because he thinks I am a man of action.”

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