CONI President caught in Astori ‘hoax’

CONI President

Fiorentina released statement in response

Yesterday, CONI President Giovanni Malagò praised Fiorentina during a press-conference for deciding to donate Davide Astori’s salary to his young family. Following Malagò’s comments, this story went viral around the internet. But apparently, all this turned out to be a hoax. Unfortunately, the CONI President fell for it, the same way many news outlets also did.

Later in the day, Fiorentina released a statement that implied Malagò’s mistake. The statement, titled “Only silence and respect to honour the memory of Davide” said: “Fiorentina, still under shock in this tragic moment, ask for silence and respect, on behalf of everybody.”


Among the tributes, UEFA decided that all its games played in the upcoming days will hold a minute of silence. This morning Fiorentina and Cagliari also announced that they retired the number 13. Astori wore the same number 13 with both clubs. Furthermore, people can pay their last respects to the Viola captain at the funeral on Thursday morning.  It will be held at the Santa Croce Basilica in Firenze, the city he lived his last months in.

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