Bari fans hang sick Astori-Masiello banner

bari fans

Fans unfurled the banner to a flyover near Bari

In the wake of Davide Astori’s death, a group of Bari fans decided to make a deplorable act. A few hours after the Fiorentina captain was found dead on Sunday morning, these fans pinned a banner to a flyover in Poggiofranco near Bari. This banner read: “Why Astori and not Masiello?” According to Tuttosport and CalcioNews24, the fans unfurled this deplorable banner on Sunday night.

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Although the banner doesn’t demean the death of Astori, it still leaves a bad taste. In the message, these same fans wish death upon another person, current Atalanta player Andrea Masiello. The hate towards Masiello stems from his involvement in match-fixing in the time he played for Bari. Famously, Masiello scored an own goal against Lecce during the Pugliese derby in May 2011. This own goal kept Lecce in the Serie A. Later, investigators linked this goal to his ties with match-fixing. Moreover, Masiello received a ban as he had reportedly fixed 26 games in total.

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