How Astori spent his last few hours


Team-mates found Astori dead in his hotel room

These last few hours were characterized by one man! Davide Astori. The Fiorentina captain died in his sleep on Sunday prior to his team’s Serie A match against Udinese. Chief prosecutor of Udine, Antonio De Nicolo initially said that probably the 31-year-old died from a cardiac arrest attributed to natural causes. Nonetheless, an investigation is underway and the autopsy will be done tomorrow.

Now, Sky Sport reported how Astori spent his last few hours on the Saturday night. Apparently, the defender played a bit Playstation together with team-mate Marco Sportiello. At around 11pm Astori saluted the Viola goalkeeper and went back to his room where he was staying alone. Moreover, Sportiello sent a WhatsApp message: “Asto, you forgot your shoes…” . Astori replied: “Don’t worry, I don’t need them know. I will get them tomorrow morning before breakfast”. Unfortunately, the Viola stalwart never had the chance to get his shoes back!


Among the many people who mourned Davide Astori was Fiorentina President Andrea Della Valle. The chief stated that today, the captain was about to sign a contract extension with the club.

“I don’t know how to express myself, I don’t know what to say, I have no words but we have to be strong and react somehow. I am here because I respect all of you but there are no words now. Davide would have signed a new contract on Monday, he wanted to end his career with Fiorentina. We should have had a meeting last week but it was postponed due to the snow. ”

Additionally, Della Valle also talked about Astori’s importance within the club.

“I had a special relationship with him. He was a great guy, an excellent footballer, an immense person. Before the Bologna game I talked for long time with him and he seemed like the manager or the sporting director of this club. He was in charge of the project and he believed in this project. We are all shocked, when stuff like this happens a part of you dies. He was an exceptional human being as you can see by the tributes of his former teammates.”

Astori’s funeral will probably be held on Wednesday or Thursday. Meanwhile, Viola fans flocked to their stadium to honour their captain. Additionally, the fans proposed a series of initiative to commemorate Astori. Among those are to name Fiorentina’s new stadium or at least a stand in his tribute, retire the number 13 and render a one minute applause in the 13th minute of every game.

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