Sanchez: The day Messi cried


Alexis Sanchez narrates emotional anecdote about Messi

Maybe it’s not that usual that you see Lionel Messi cry, but he’s a human after all. And after some kind of failure it is obvious that emotions may take over. Speaking to Sky Sports, Chilean star Alexis Sanchez confesses that he once witnessed former team-mate Messi cry in the dressing-room. The new Manchester United signing played with Messi between 2011 and 2014 before he joined Arsenal.

As Sanchez narrates the episode, he makes emphasis on how much players play emotionally and feel when they fail to reach their targets. This is true despite many critics say that players only care about money.

It was in 2012. Barcelona were hosting Chelsea at the Nou Camp in the Champions League semi-final. In that same second leg game, Messi missed a penalty. 10-man Chelsea managed to win on aggregate 3-2 as they went on to lift the Champions League later on that year. After the game, Messi was distraught!

“I think football saves many people. It can give you a life of luxury, but people don’t see all the effort that goes in behind the scenes”, Sanchez said.

 “That might mean not seeing your family, or missing your mother’s birthday, many players are so focused that they miss the birth of their children.

“You might cry during a game if you lose a final. That’s all part of football. In the Barcelona dressing room after the Chelsea game, I saw Leo cry. That’s because players demand so much from themselves. People don’t see that.

Dealing with critics

From the Barcelona v Chelsea episode, Sanchez turns to his personal issues with persons who criticize him and have something to say all the time.

“Sometimes people say things such as, “He’s got too big for his boots” or say, “He’s changed”. You buy a flash car and people say that you’re a show-off.

“I’ve learnt so much over time and with the experience that I’ve gained. You can’t please everyone. There’ll always be one or two who get angry. I’ve learnt so much from playing football: I love football and that’s what I do. I enjoy myself and I’m just trying to be happy.”

Sanchez joined United this January in a swap deal. He is reported to earn over £400,000 per week as he tops the list of the highest earners in the Premier League. Up until now, Sanchez played in all the four games his team played since he joined. Nonetheless the results were mixed. United won against Yeovil Town and Huddersfield Town while they lost league matches against Tottenham Hotspurs and Newcastle United.

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