WATCH: New footage shows Lamela did con the referee


Fans question Lamela’s behaviour

A week on from Spurs’ 2-2 draw with Liverpool and controversy hasn’t surrendered one bit. The whole point of this controversy are Jon Moss’ two penalty decisions. In the first penalty, Moss decided to reward Liverpool a penalty despite he did not know whether Lovren had touched the ball that would have played Kane onside before Karius floored him. Then, two minutes after Salah seemed to have sealed the three points for the Reds, Moss decided to give another penalty after he waved play on while the linesman waved the infringement. Doubts were on Van Dijk’s slight touch on Lamela.  The latter certainly exaggerated and in the end it convinced the linesman to give the penalty.

Now, footage from ‘Inside Anfield’ of the aforementioned incident emerged. Lamela goes down theatrically after the Van Dijk challenge. Once he realizes that Jon Moss waved play on, he returns to his feet immediately. Nonetheless, as he sees the linesman flagging for penalty, the Argentinean went down on the turf in pain again! Cunning, right? In the end, whether Van Dijk’s challenge was a penalty or not is secondary. Certainly Lamela’s behaviour doesn’t seem fit in a point in time were the FA is doing its utmost to curb up cheating!

Watch the footage here:


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