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World Cup Trophy to be in Malta on Saturday 10th February

As all eyes are on Malta with Valletta being the European capital city of culture, preparations are reaching their peak for the arrival of the World Cup trophy. The Coca-Cola FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour will in fact give the Maltese people the chance to watch from close by the most coveted World Cup Trophy. Additionally an exclusive event will be held at Is-Suq tal-Belt. Also, a FIFA World Cup legend will be greeting the attending crowd next Saturday.

The COO of GSD Marketing Ltd. Maria Micallef said:

“We are honoured and delighted to be able to give football enthusiasts in Malta this unique opportunity to catch a glimpse up close of one of the most-recognisable sports icons in the world and the dream of every person who ever kicked a football, regardless of their age. This special visit of the FIFA World Cup Trophy enables the entire nation to share our passion for football, and GSD Marketing Ltd is pleased to be a part of it. I am sure it will be a memorable day for Malta and its residents.”

The FIFA World Cup Trophy initiated last September in the host country Russia. It will pass through various countries with frequent stops for fans to have an opportunity to relish the World Cup. Moreover, the aim of this tour is for fans to anticipate the World Cup from nine months before. In Russia, the Tour visited 25 cities with one of every three Russians experiencing the trophy in person.

Limited amounts of tickets available for Malta Tour

Furthermore, there are only limited amounts of tickets available for the Malta event. First of all, one must obtain a voucher with a unique code in order to have a chance for a ticket:

1. Drinking Coca-Cola at eating and drinking outlets in Valletta over the weekends during this month.

2. Buying a Coca-Cola at the Valletta 18 Cup Tournament matches.

3. Participating in competitions on the MyCokeMalta Facebook page.

After obtaining a voucher, one must enter the code on and follow the steps accordingly.

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