BREAKING: Alexis Sanchez receives suspended jail sentence

alexis sanchez

The Chilean pleaded guilty and accepted 16-month suspended jail sentence

New Manchester United signing Alexis Sanchez has accepted to plead guilty and avoid a trial. The 29-year-old stood accused of tax fraud. The case goes back in 2012 and 2013 while he was a Barcelona player.  Investigators found out that Sanchez did not pay tax for image rights deals which amounted to £886,000. Back in 2016, when accusations started to surface, Sanchez’s agent insisted that his client had nothing to hide as he was fully in line with the law. Yet, now the suspended sentence proved otherwise.

This case adds up with other high-profile players who failed to abide by the Spanish tax laws. Prior to Sanchez, both Cristiano Ronaldo and also Leo Messi were accused of failing to pay the stipulated tax. Also last month, Real Madrid star Luka Modric had another similar case to the Sanchez one. In the end, the Croatian had to pay the Spanish fiscal authorities the sum of €1million in order to settle his own image rights tax.

Alexis Sanchez, 29, has just joined Manchester United this month after player-swap deal which saw Henrikh Mkhitaryan join the Gunners. According to various reports, Sanchez earns £14million per year after tax which puts him at the top of the Premier League high earners.


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