Mourinho: Sign the contract and shut up!


Portuguese manager wants his player to settle future

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho told contract rebel Marouane Fellaini to “sign the contract and shut up” as he nears the end of his current deal. Despite the statement seems to be a tough one, the Portuguese manager said it in a lightheartened tone. While speaking with the press, Mourinho also talked about the extent of Fellaini’s injury. An injury, the Belgian struggled with in these last few weeks.

“I told him yesterday, ‘sign the contract and shut up’,” Mourinho said.

“I told him, ‘don’t gamble too much, sign the contract before you know the extent of the injury.'”

As Fellaini waits for a full diagnosis of his injury, with most probability, he needs a surgery. Furthermore, Jose Mourinho thinks that this can keep him out for up to five weeks.

“It is not an ACL, a complete rupture of any structure of the knee.

“But we need him, the Champions League is arriving [United’s first leg against Sevilla is February 21] and lots of tough matches to play and probably we are going to lose him for a few weeks. Two, three, four or five, I cannot say at the moment.”

Many times Mourinho emphasized that Fellaini forms part of his plans. However, Fellaini is still contemplating his future with PSG, Galatsaray and Besiktas expressing interest in him.


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