Gonzalo Higuain explains Napoli goal celebration

gonzalo higuain

Higuain opened the title race wide again with his goal

On Friday night, Gonzalo Higuain blew up the title race again. His goal meant that today, Inter can jump into first place if they manage to win against Chievo. But besides that, his goal meant more belief for Juventus. Belief that can take them to win the seventh straight Scudetto.

One particular aspect from Higuain’s goal was his celebration. As the former Napoli striker scored his fifth goal in his last five matches against Napoli, Higuain started to make a gesture as if he was searching for someone. After the game, Juve’s number nine admitted that this celebration was just a dig:

“I looked for him [Aurelio de Laurentiis] but I could not see him. Maybe he hid himself,” Higuain told Sky Sports Italia. 

Since his €90million move from Napoli to Juventus, Napoli’s chief De Laurentiis and Higuain continously passed on ‘not so lovely’ comments towards each other. Moreover, Higuain has also become one of the most hated persons among the Napoli fans. Many times, including on Friday, Higuain received boos, jeers and verbal abuse. In fact, during the warming up, Higuain was already receiving stick from the home fans. Higuain reacted by telling the crowd the increase their voice as he wasn’t hearing them.

Relationship with Sarri

It couldn’t be said that the Higuain-Napoli relationship is lost. The Bianconero has one person who is still grateful for. This is none other than the Napoli manager Maurizio Sarri. About his former boss, Higuain said:

“I’m very fond of Sarri.

“He made me improve a lot and I will always be grateful to him. I love him as a person and as a coach. I wish him the best.

“We will keep in touch with one another and maybe we will find ourselves together in another team. It would be a great pleasure for me.”

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